2022 Contest Results

2022 Contest Results

2022 Contest Results


Paco Sauceda won the distance casting contest at 86’. Winning the accuracy casting competition at 120 points was Ryan Stewart. Both Paco and Ryan won a half-day guided trip with Ben Tabor on the Brazos or Paluxy River generously provided by Fatties on the Fly.



Brother duo, Jonathan and Chad Ringler, came home as heat winners with the most fish caught in a heat netting a whopping 21 fish during the contest, breaking a record for the most fish caught in a heat within the festival’s history. Christopher Henderson caught the biggest trout in the seven-year TRWD Flyfest history coming in at 25.75 inches.

HEAT 2: 

Heat two was a close one between two teams fighting to win the most fish caught, but it was Tony Tran and Bryce Hughs who pulled in 17 fish caught. The fishing team met for the first time at Flyfest when Tony needed a last minute partner and Bryce was eager to jump in the contest. It was 14-year-old Bryce who brought home one of the biggest catches of the day – a 22.5” trout. Bryce gained a new nickname by fellow competitors, Mr. Sweatpants, as he could be seen fishing knee-deep in the Trinity in tennis shoes and rolled up sweatpants.

HEAT 3: 

Heat three was a blowout for team eight, Adam Chastain and Bridget Kirk. The Oklahoma natives won the most fish caught at 21 and the largest trout of 20”. The team tied with heat one winners in the most fish caught category, resulting in a fish off later that day. Kirk (Okie Fly Gal) was ecstatic with the heat win and can be seen repping the phrase “Fish like a Girl”.

HEAT 4: 

The winners of heat four, catching 14 fish, went to father and son duo and longtime Flyfest anglers Tim and Tanner Ingram. The biggest fish caught in heat four went to Tyler Blackburn at 24.75”.



The Grand Prize for Most Fish Caught went to Adam Chastain and Bridget Kirk who won the fish off to break a 21 fish caught tiebreaker. This is the most a team has caught in a singular heat in the seven-year history of TRWD Flyfest. Each went home with $200, an Orvis Sling Pack and a grand prize trophy for bragging rights.
Christopher Henderson of heat one took home the Grand Prize for the Biggest Fish Caught at 25.75 inches. Christopher went home with $200, an Orvis Sling Pack, and the grand prize trophy! This is the biggest fish caught in the contest of TRWD Flyfest history.

Between each heat and the fish off, contestants netted a total of 258 trout throughout the day, another record-setting stat!