Coffee & Caddis Fly Tying Area

In addition to the structured lesson, there will be other fly-tying observations taking place. Feel free to come and go and mingle through the demonstration area to learn about various tying patterns.

9AMNymph and Foam Flies

Time: 09:00 AM - 09:50 AM

Dutch Baughman will demonstrate two patterns of real local interest for Bass and Sunfish, the Bream Reaper which is a nymph fly and the Stone Hopper, a foam hopper. Both fly patterns have also been successful for Trout in Montana, Oregon, and Colorado.

Presenter: Dutch Baughman

10 AMClassic English Flies For Trout

Time: 10:00 AM - 10:50 AM

Mike will demonstrate how to tie classic English flies for trout fishing.

Presenter: Mike Morphew

11AMHill Country Essentials

Time: 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM

Texas Fly Patterns You Should Never Be Without

Fly fishing the Texas hill country is a way of life for Chris Johnson. His fly fishing journey began in central Texas and as a result, he has developed a number of patterns that have proven themselves throughout the state. In this fly tying demonstration, Chris will tie several of his patterns that deserve a permanent spot in every Texas fly angler’s box. These flies consistently get the job done and can produce results even in the toughest of conditions.  Chris will teach you how to tie each fly in a step-by-step fashion and will answer any questions you have about the tying process. Come and learn how to tie these essential patterns and learn how to fish them in the Lone Star State!

Presenter: Chris Johnson

12PMFly Tying Simple Patterns & Instructional

Time: 12:00 PM - 12:50 PM

Russell will show off various Clouser Minnow patterns used to catch multiple species in North Texas.

Presenter: Russell Husted

1PMGhost Minnow

Time: 01:00 PM - 01:50 PM

The “Ghost Minnow” is a pattern created by Pat Vanek, a guide in the Waco area. This is a pattern specifically designed for our spring White or Sand Bass runs. It works well when the White Bass are in their spawning runs and emulates the small baitfish that are natural food for the Sand Bass.

Presenter: Barry Webster

2PMDeer Hair Patterns for Bass and Redfish

Time: 02:00 PM - 02:50 PM

Ron will demonstrate intermediate and advanced deer hair techniques for tying and trimming realistic baitfish patterns for fly fishing for bass and redfish across Texas. He will show and explain the designs for his many unique deer hair patterns – from the Rattle Mullet to the Mohawk Minnow Sunfish to the Lilypad Jumping Frog.  Join Ron as he shares 50 years of experience fly tying and fly fishing for bass and redfish in Texas.

Presenter: Ron Mayfield