Fly Tying Demonstrations

Fly Tying Demonstrations

Learning To Tie

In addition to the structured lesson, there will be other fly-tying observations taking place. Feel free to come and go and mingle through the demonstration area to learn about various tying patterns

9AMThe Chironomid

Time: 9:00 am - 9:50 am

Chironomids, midge, buzzers… whatever you like to call them, they are very effective flies for catching fish in all types of water. Chironomids come in many sizes and colors. They have evolved into one of the largest and most diverse of all insect orders.  Capable of incredibly dense populations chironomids or midges have more species than all other aquatic insects combined.  Capable of surviving in a diverse range of habitats and conditions chironomids are found in bogs, lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, saltwater marshes even sewage treatment ponds.  This demonstration will show how to tie a common Chironomid and a Buzzer.

Presenter: Dutch Baughman

Dutch is a retired CEO of the Division 1A Athletic Directors’ Association. He is an avid fly fisherman and is a member of the Board of Directors for several organizations including Fly Fisher’s International, Fly Fishing Learning Center, Fly Fishing Skills Resource Area and the Lower Mountain Fork River Foundation. He frequently works as a demonstration fly tier at fly fishing expos and festivals. He has conducted weekly fly tying classes at Bass Pro Shop in Grapevine, Texas for over twenty years and teaches the Fly Fishing Skills class at the Tarrant County College-Northeast campus.


Time: 10:00 am - 10:50 am

Mike will demonstrate how to tie realistic fly patterns, designed for showcases and classic English patterns.

Presenter: Mike Morphew

Mike Morphew has been fly fishing for trout, salmon and saltwater fish for over 50 years. He tied his first fly aged 13, caught a trout on it and was “hooked”. He has been fascinated with tying “ultra-realistic” insects for 15 years. In 2003 he was asked to create a salmon fly display for Her Royal Highness Princess Anne. All of his flies and realistic imitations are hand tied and mounted for the best presentation. Mike lives in La Grange, Texas,is on the board of the Austin Fly Fishers Club and is a gold award FFI fly tyer.

11AMHill Country Essentials

Time: 11:00 am - 11:50 am

Texas Fly Patterns You Should Never Be Without

Fly fishing the Texas hill country is a way of life for Chris Johnson.  His fly fishing journey began in central Texas and as a result, he has developed a number of patterns that have proven themselves throughout the state. In this fly tying demonstration, Chris will tie several of his patterns that deserve a permanent spot in every Texas fly angler’s box.  These flies consistently get the job done and can produce results even in the toughest of conditions.  Chris will teach you how to tie each fly in a step-by-step fashion and will answer any questions you have about the tying process.  Come and learn how to tie these essential patterns and learn how to fish them in the Lone Star State!

Presenter: Chris Johnson

Chris is the owner and founder of Living Waters Fly Fishing, a fly shop and guide service based out of Round Rock, Texas.  He has guided the Texas Hill Country for over a decade, and has fly fished the heart of the state for 20 years.  Chris has been a licensed guide in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Alaska.  Chris is an IFFF Certified Casting Instructor, Umpqua Signature Fly Designer, Tenkara USA Guide, and TPWD Angler Educator.  He is also a pro team member for Whiting Farms, Scott Fly Rods, and Scientific Anglers.  Chris is dedicated to sharing his passion for the sport and investing in the next generation of fly anglers.  He often is a featured presenter/fly tier at fly fishing, outdoor, and community events throughout the state. 

Chris and his shop have also been featured in several outdoor publications including Trout magazine, Garden and Gun, and Tenkara Magazine.  He was also awarded the 2014 Man of the Year from the IFFF Texas Council and in the same year, Living Waters was the recipient of the IFFF’s prestigious Lee Wulff Award. 

In addition to fly fishing, Chris is passionate about film and photography.  He co-produced the short film “Unspoken,” in an effort to raise awareness for Rio Grande Cutthroat trout conservation.  As a result, Living Waters is working with Trout Unlimited as a Gold Level endorsed TU Business to restore Rio Grande Cutthroat throughout their native range. 

Chris is happily married to his wife Emily and together they enjoy running the fly shop, fly fishing the world, and raising their children in the sport. 

12PMFly Tying Simple Patterns & Instructional

Time: 12:00 pm - 12:50 pm

Russell will show off various simple patterns used to catch multiple species in North Texas.

Presenter: Russell Husted

Russell is a past President of the Texas Council IFFF and Fort Worth Fly Fishers. Russell spends most of his spare time fishing Texas Rivers and targets BIG Bass. He is an avid fly tier, focusing on simple patterns that are proven to do the trick. Russell loves urban bass fishing and enjoys spending time doing seminars and working with the youth.

1PMThe Stimulator

Time: 1:00 pm - 1:50 pm

The “Stimulator” pattern is a widely used attractor pattern for trout and local warm water fish. The pattern originated in the eighties as a stonefly pattern but has turned out to be a very good searching pattern for fly fishers. Barry will tie the Stimulator pattern and discuss color and material options.

Presenter: Barry Webster

Barry Webster is a Mechanical Engineer by education who is retired after a long career with IBM. He currently is involved with various Fly Fishing and Tying organizations. These include the Ft. Worth Fly Fishers and Dallas Fly Fishers where he has served on the board, and Fly Fishers International (Board of Directors and Chair of the Membership Committee). Barry is a frequent demonstration fly tier at events such as the FFI International Fair (Boise, ID; Livingston, MT; Bozeman MT), Sowbug Roundup and Southern Council Fair in Mountain Home Arkansas and the Red River Rendezvous in Sherman Texas. Barry is also a member of the Grapevine Roadkill Roundtable Fly tying group.

2PMThe Mickey Finn

Time: 2:00 pm - 2:50 pm

The Mickey Finn Fly was originated in Canada in the late 1800’s.  The Mickey Finn name was penned in the 1930-1940 time frame. It was named after a “drugged” or “spiced” drink called a Mickey when a couple outdoor writers went fishing and decided the fly was as dangerous to the fish as the “Mickey” was to humans. There are a few variations to this fly and it is a good fly everywhere for bass, trout, salmon and sea bass. 

Presenter: Kyle Hand

Kyle Hand is a fly tier based out of Fort Worth, but his work is highly regarded and sought out worldwide. He started tying flies in Colorado in 1981 and tied commercially for over 25 years. He has tied for shops and vendors throughout the mountain west, Arizona, and Texas, as well as the Orvis Company. Kyle currently spends most of his time tying Classic Salmon, Bass, Wet flies and Streamers as well as tying at many shows and Expositions around the United States. He also is a member of the Grapevine Roadkill Roundtable. Kyle is a retired Train Dispatcher for the BNSF Railroad and lives in Fort Worth. The fly he is going to tie is one he has invented, Susie’s Damsel. This fly has caught fish all over the United States. His philosophy on the fly is if there are Damselflies flitting about on the water, it’s time to tie one on. It is a dry fly and has been very effective in this area for trout, bream and bass. It also confused an 8-pound catfish on one occasion. He will be demonstrating two ways to tie this fly.